Personal Statement - Sarah Frost

My photographs are veiled metaphors. On the surface they are about capturing beauty but there are layers of meaning beneath the visible. This is not always deliberate as I work in an entirely intuitive way, letting the creative process evolve until I sense something special is about to happen in front of my lens; an instinctive response to a combination of light, colour, composition and mood. At a deeper level, something subconscious is often revealed through that focus on the surface of beauty. Inner truths about my own life’s journey, clarity on difficult issues, a release of joy or pain. My images are as much about expressing what is hidden from view, contained within myself, as they are about capturing a scene, found or created. This is the duality of life, the joy and the pain, the inner truth and the outer perception.

My expression of this through plants and flowers and the natural world is a bringing together of the circle of my life from my childhood in the deeply rural landscape of the Lincolnshire Wolds, where my earliest memories were of gardens and hedgerow flowers, to the present, where I live with the sea always on the edge of my vision.

For me the unique beauty of the photographic image is that it is a means of capturing a moment in time forever. When I press the shutter I can capture the power of now in a unique way. I can express what it was like in that moment of being there in front of a flower as it is lit briefly through the trees, or above a beach, listening to the sound of the waves pounding close by. I can create visual love letters to the natural world and also capture the essence of eternity with it. The wind on my face, the rain in my hair, the sunshine which warms my skin, the stillness of a garden, the joy of solitude, lost in time, lost in that moment when beauty unfolds before me.

Sarah Jane Frost  


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